(written in 2013)
I became 18 years old a few months ago and I enjoy playing strategy games, I personally prefer StarCraft and the Homeworld series and Ground Control and I love to play StarCraft mods, especially the good ones.

I live in Stockholm Sweden and I finish high School the spring 2013.
And I’m also computer interested and for not so long ago started to work with Linux operating systems which are interesting and exceedes Windows at some roles, like being open source and free, besides I could probably say that every kind of utility you’d need has a free Linux version of it, most notably seems to be system tools.

About mods, the ones I like I make sure to get in touch with the creators to discuss suggestions and ideas to improve the mod.

My current StarCraft favorite mod is the StarCraft Revolution mod which adds a ton of features even such that are missing in SC which should have been there such as resource rallypoints, but any mod can be better given the time and fitting changes.
Some cool mods I’ve seen lately are Burning Grounds and Dawn of Change.


(written in 2013)
About me, I live in Hanoi, Vietnam, you can find my real name on my profile.
I’m going to be 16 after this July, after June I will graduate Junior High School.
I love computer and games, especially RTS, FPS, TPS games.
My hobby is modding and I’m working with StarCraft mods, my mod is SC Hybrids War. And really thanks Raygoya for his suggestions.
I really love SC Revolution, Burning Ground and Dawn of Change mod, they have cool graphics and plugins.
Chronos Ouroboros
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(written in 2013)
I am Chronos Ouroboros “Aka”,my real name is Marcelo ██████,but I prefer to be called Chronos.

I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,I was born in 01/11/████.
I have average knowledge in C/C++ and intermediate knowledge in DECORATE(a programming/modding language used by some Doom/Id tech 1 source-ports)

I am a Brony,<opinion>my favorite ponies being Princess Luna and Fluttershy(She’s the best pony ever!)</opinion>
I am also a Furry.

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