WordPress Bugfixes and shit 1:Tails Doll scares the hell out of me.

So I was doing some shit on the admin area,then I left Dark Realm’s WordPress open on the main page and got some sleep,when i woke up I got back to the computer and did some shit then logged off so I could see if it was working,but it didn’t log off,after I exited the log off page I got logged in back for some┬ámysterious┬áreason,but i wasn’t really logged in(I got that after I tried to go to Admin CP,as the Admin CP is blocked for logged off users it threw me a 404 error and tried to log in and off on incognito mode and it worked),but the page was still showing things that only appear when logged in.

So I thought it was something up with my browser’s cookies,so I tried to find the cookies for Dark Realm I ended up failing it after I found out that all the cookies are stored in a single file,I didn’t want to delete every single cookie but I had to,I wasn’t able to find a cookie manager in Chrome,so I deleted all the cookies.

All of this happened after I updated WordPress.